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أبعاد العلاقة بين اللغة العربية والهوية الحضارية

Dr. Elayachy Draoui, Dimensions of the Relationship Between Arabic Language and Civilized Identity, Sociolinguistic Approach………..9-37



This research aims to address the issue of language and identity based on a conviction based on the emphasis on the close dialectical relationship that exists between the two concepts (language / identity) in various dimensions and levels; Culturally, socially and historically. Consequently, working to overturn the traditional closed perception of language, which was mainly embodied by formal / logical philosophies and closed linguistic trends (hard linguistics), primarily the structural ones that called for treating language in itself and for its own sake without any other social, cultural, cognitive or other considerations, in contrast to the perception. The extrovert perception - that is adopted in the research - that deals with language in terms of being an open system, influenced by what surrounds it and affects it. From there, it goes beyond viewing language as a tool of communication only to being a producer of culture and civilization, and a maker of identity and the associated values, symbols, customs and behaviors, and other things that cannot exist - real existence - except within a living human community as well.

Keywords: Arabic language, identity, civilization, society, culture, sociolinguistics, linguistic security.

التداولية في الدرس اللغوي بين مظاهر التأصيل وآفاق تطوير المفاهيم

Prof. Dehbia Hamou Lhadj, Pragmatics in the Arabic Linguistic Lesson between Rooting Aspects and Prospects for Conceptual Development  ..................... 39-64



The researchers discovered the term pragmatics and was addressed, dealt with and viewed; using the term, argument, verbal acts, and intent... by linguistics and non-linguistics. Although there are various terminology and concepts, it is most likely related to how the language operates in certain verbal situations, where it takes specific positions that make the utterance seeks compatibility with the case, looking for the actual tools of speech, persuasion, influencing the other, and insinuation of meaning... How did modern Arab researchers return to these terms and how did they try to study the language according to the latest linguistic research? What are most of the terms they have dealt with in the rhetorical area, and what justifies that concepts need to be revived, while at the same time looking for the dimensions of these terms from a post-structural modernist perspective.

Keywords: Linguistics, Pragmatics, Speech, Rhetoric, Post-Structural.

الحجاج اللغوي بين النظرية والتطبيق آيات من سورة آل عمران نموذجا

 Dr. Mokhtar Hoceini, Linguistic Argumentation Between Theory and Practice

Verses from Surat Al-Imran as a model ....................... 65-92




The study seeks to investigate the problem of argumentation in contemporary linguistic studies, and their effectiveness in interrogating texts, from the theoretical side to the argumentation manifestations in the texts of the Holy Qur’an, by adopting the analytical method and pragmatics mechanisms, through some verses of Surat Ali-‘Imran, in a dialogical way, the texts are examined and not forced. Consequently, monitoring the areas of influence in some verses revealed in Medina that are characterized by prolongation, and by addressing the Jews and Christians with the attributes of (people of Israel) and (people of scriptures), expressing the relativity to the subject, and it also includes the position of the speaker, the classification of the addressee, the generation of other attributes, and thus guidance to the judgments the addressee should deserve.

Keywords: Argumentation, Language, Quran, People of the Book, Rhetoric.

سيميولوجا الصورة الإشهارية ودينمامية التأويل

Dr. Mustapha Haffad, The Semiology of the Advertising İmage and the Dynamics of Interpretation ……………………………. 93-111




This article attempts to analyze in depth the advertising image between interpretation and semiology.  It aims at unveiling different mental processes that trigger the performance act of the customer. Therefore, the focus of the study is on the image as an authority which contains colors, forms, language… since the contemporary advertising discourse has become a laboratory of various fields of knowledge, for instance, computer science, physics, infography and economics. Thus, the objectives of the research are the following: a). highlighting the significant role of cognitive science in clarifying the mental operations while receiving the message of the advertisement. b). identifying neural activities and various important human behaviors. c). exposing the areas which control and explain linguistic and non-linguistic operations in the brain. The research has resulted in unveiling the role of contemporary methods in apprehending the advertising discourses without overlooking the semantic method as a scientific theory for discourse analysis.

Keywords: The advertising image, semantics, pragmatics, semiology, interpretation.

الشخصيات السردية في رواية سيدات القمر للأديبة العمانية جوخة الحارثي مقاربة سيميائة

Dr. Said Amouri, A Semiotic Approach to the Narrative Characters in the Omani Novel (Ladies of the Moon) by Joukha Al Harthi ………………………. 113-135



This article studies the feminist novel in Oman with focus on “Ladies of the Moon” by Jokha Alharthi in which I conducted a semiotic study. Arab feminist novels have managed at the present time to present important feminist literature, concerned with the issues and peculiarities of the Arab women; that is why the novel “Ladies of the Moon” provided narrative characters with rich significance, interpretations, and references to reality, Arabic history and imagination. I tried to answer the question of how the female writer views the man and how she employs it as a semiotic sign. We chose the semiotic approach to its ability to read characters as linguistic signs, open to interpretive reading and draw relationships at the level of the narrative language structure.


Keywords: Ladies moon Narrative characters, Omani novel, semiotics, female writing.