Dr. Mohammed Aithammou, The Use of the Theory of Aristotelian Chatigorios In Philosophical Arabic Rhetoric …………………. 128-168


This essay aims to highlight the mechanism of naturalization that Syjilmassi built in his previous book "Almnza Al Badi fi Tajnis Asalib Albadi".

Furthermore, Syjilmassi arranged the rhetorical article according to the codes and relations that are based on the mechanism of logic. The mechanism of logic that Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, talked about earlier in his eight books of logic, especially the book of sayings entitled; " Categories ".

And thus, through the book, of Syjilmassi the aforementioned, I made it clear that the concept of the logical argument and its relation to naturalization and how to use it in the Arabic rhetoric.


Rhetoric, Al-Badi, Aristotle's Sayings, Syjilmassi, Almnza Al Badi fi Tajnis Asalib Albadi