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Dr. Mohamed Aly Abdelrazeq Zalalo, A letter from a morisco from Granada to the King of Spain Defeding the Arabic Language and Islamic Traditions …………………………….. 205-231


This paper is focused on the translation of an original manuscript in old Castilian into Arabic language. The original manuscript of 1567 is preserved in the “Biblioteca Nacional de España” (BNE) titled “Memorial del caballero morisco Francisco Núñez..” addressing the King of Spain Felipe II the need to defend the preservation of the inherited cultural legacy of the use of the Arabic language and customs of the Moorish population. The original author of this manuscript is the Moorish Francisco Núñez Mulay. The reason that moved to the moriscos for writing of this Memorial was providing clear factual difficulties that the moriscos of Granada suffered on the course of compliance with the regulations of the Pragmática Sanción of 1566. This paper has enriched the translation from the old Castilian language to Arabic including a brief key research that would substantially benefit the Arabic readers. In summary, I trust this translation would suit to improve the long cultural boundaries and diverse heritage between the Arabic and Spanish common legacy.


Moriscos, Francisco Núñez Mulay, Granada, pragmatic sancion, Felipe II