Doha Historical Dictionary and its role in revealing the cultural and linguistic convergence between Arabic and Turkish

Dr. Ahmet Derviş MÜEZZİN &  Muhamad Aldibo Alnajjar 

……………… 413 - 437


Historical dictionaries - particularly the Doha Historical Dictionary - are the memory of the language of their members and the link between them and their speakers. It's connect their present to their past and show them the change and successive evolution of the vocabulary and meanings of language over time by relying on written or engraved sources in their hands. In our research, we have revealed the impact of Arabic on Turkish linguistically and culturally. and the problem was in demonstrating this effect of convergence between Arabic and Turkish, and how important it is in the light of the historic Doha dictionary to achieve the goals of demonstrating the benefits of historical dictionaries in general and the Doha dictionary in particular and to reveal this linguistic and civilizational convergence. The research was based on two approaches: quantitative and analytical. and we concluded that, most notably, Arabic is a language that influences and influences Turkish linguistically and culturally.



Arabic, Turkish, Cultural, Linguistic, Doha Historical Dictionary.