Hyperboles in Arabic Rhetoric: Fact or Allegation?

Dr. Abdulhalim ABDULLAH ……………………… 517 - 538


When a scholar reads references in the semantics domain in Arabic rhetoric, he gets intercepted by the phenomenon of hyperboles (rhetoric exaggeration). It is because denunciation refers to exaggeration. And denial refers to hyperboles, as well as the fact that the relative pronoun refers to the same issue. Similarly, it is reflected in the use of demonstrative nouns, the use of interrogative tools and ambiguity, etc. Research questions attempt to answer the following: do all these linguistic phenomena really serve as hyperboles? Did the linguistic examples cited by rhetoricians benefit from hyperbole because of the language phenomenon? Or did an overstatement occur due to linguistic contextuality? And if so, were the rhetoricians justified in observing these phenomena? Or have they left the truth in it and added the meaning of context to the meaning of linguistic phenomena? This research sheds light on this meaning and then expands the circle to consider the remaining senses in order to reach a new theory in Arabic rhetoric.


Arabic Rhetoric, Semantics, Hyperbole, Context, Meanings of Linguistic Phenomena.