Prof Dr. Maalaoui Nihed, Intersemioticity in the Novel “Frankestein in Baghdad”: Photograph as a Model ………………10 - 54


This research aims to test the intersemioticity poetics, spoken, and visual, which has become characterizing the postmodern novel, in charging the interpretative act of the recipient, expanding the horizon of narrative expression, and enriching it with different energies that openness to it was impossible in the past. And we will dedicate it to working on tracing what the correspondence will bring between the photographic image that tops the cover of the novel and its text on the novel written practice of moral additions and imaginative energies that confirm the transcendence of the photographic image on the cover of novel for the publisher’s narrow commercial purposes and its immediate recording function, and transforming it into a visible sign that interacts the spoken text marks in order to increasing the narrator’s coding ability and the recipient’s ability to decode ciphers. 


Spoken Sign, Visual Sign, Intersemioticity, Photograph, Encryption.