Persuasion strategy in linguistic discourse

Dr. Fatima amariche, Persuasion strategy in linguistic discourse

"concept and means" ………………….. 413 – 438



Persuasion was and still the most important goal that the sender seeks to achieve through his speech, for the ancients and moderns for  caliphs, sultans, chiefs and subordinates, scholars and educated people - not limited to a particular group - they resorted to it in order to convince the other that it is the best choice   among the options. For this reason, it is often considered an alternative to force in separating disputes and discussions, as it guarantees changing perspectives and convictions without harm. How can a persuasive discourse change viewpoints? Under these forms, this research paper was established through which we sought to reveal the various means adopted by the persuasion strategy in linguistic discourse.


Strategy, Persuasion, Mechanisms, Discourse, Rhetoric