Receiving Cultural Criticism At Abdellah Al-Ghadami Method and Text

Salaheddine ACHARKI …………………….. 539-568


This article aims to analyze how Abdellah Al-Ghadami receives cultural criticism. This method raises some questions and issues that can be divided into three basic parts in terms of methodology. The first part is the issue of the death of literary criticism which is one of the key elements that enables us to identify how Al-Ghadami receives cultural criticism. Second, we also investigate the references adopted by the critic in establishing and understanding cultural criticism. He did not rely on a set of Western references and merely on what Anglo-Saxon culture, American in particular, provided; this has led him to eliminate a range of other references, such as Marxism, and psychoanalysis. Third, we attempt to analyze how the critic receives the concepts, especially in his pursuit to transfer the aesthetic function of some rhetorical concepts to the cultural one. Regarding the text, we have reviewed the cultural analysis of Adonis poems carried out by Al-Ghadami through asking two basic questions: was the critic analyzing the poems culturally or ideologically? Is his cultural interpretation consistent with the type of Adonis texts or not? 


Cultural Criticism, Receiving, References, Cultural Interpretation, Abdellah Al ـ Ghadami