Dr. Radja Mestour & Soumia Fekır, The Image of the East in Contemporary World Cinema-"Aladdin" the Movie (2019) as a Model- ………………  106 - 127


There are many images of Arabs and Muslims in Orientalist productions of various kinds, especially the cinema -American in particular. Considering the image of the East as the right place to present the duality of East and West, and the stereotyping of the East as the different and less valuable “Other” than the West. This latter’s desire to change the East necessarily leads to the confiscation of the property of the Easterner by changing its most important possession, which is identity. This alienation - whether apparent or hidden - is a form of negative Orientalism that insists that the eastern is in need modification it in order to reach western civilization. This is clear through the study model, the Disney "Aladdin" (2019), which tried to change the old East image under the guise of miraculous and amazing magic instead of the violent terrorism. Both images attempt to change the Eastern identity, which will cost it the right of its own properties that are supposed to be fake in front of the audience. Nevertheless, the matter remained a debate whether this was intended or not in Orientalism to such an extent that it cannot be hidden.


 Image of the East, Alienation, Orientalism, Cinema, Alladin, Identity.