The Reverberation of the First Shock in the Poem The last of Swords

Dr. Awad Al-Hayawi, The Reverberation of the First Shock in the Poem (The last of Swords) ……………………….233-270



The research tackles the reverberation of the first shock of the wife (the poetess Soad Al Sabah) in the poem (The last of Swords) in which she laments her husband amid one of the saddest tragedies that inflected her country Kuwait in order to know the psychology of femininity in this poem of lamentation. And out of the psychological atmosphere of the poem and its relation with the double loss (the husband and the country), passing through the symbols of the late deceased husband (eagle, lion, mountain, sword, tent, beach, shield, tribe, sea, umbrella, and Kuwait) between specialty of experience and the literary memory.

 It is a reading that shed light on its relation with folklore on one hand, and the psychological reflections on the poetess which explain her special inclinations on the other hand. In relevant to the self features of the poetess shown in two conspiracies: a major one which targeted her country with its civilized components and human resources, and a senior one that targeted the late deceased husband. The poetess expounded them when she was in a double case of sadness that takes us to confrontation between the lone collective ego and the saturated singular ego. It is an integrated confrontation not a contradictory one.


Soad Al Sabah. Reverberation of Shock, Sword, Psychology, Loss